Date joined: 12/28/20

There isn't all too much to really talk about with MUA. I was in a creative slump at the time, having only made a couple songs with that stuttery, glitchy style that shows up on MUA, I thought I'd ask my friends if they'd be down to work on a split together just so I'd have some inspiration to get my own stuff done.

While I'm not that proud of my side anymore, it was the thing I needed to get the ball rolling to start working on music again. That being said, Undertouch's side on this is great, and Monoscopic's is really fun. I implore you to check out their sides. Don't be fooled with what the description says, this isn't really that much bangers back-to-back as much as it is just a compilation of everyone's styles at the time in a beat-tape formula.

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